Juan Carlos Luque Español


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Autodidact painter.

Actually I continue studing etching in Alberto Valverde Travieso's Atelier.

Between 1992 y 2007 I also work as illustrator and infographist in differents newspapers.

From 2007 I just work as a painter.

2007-2010   Illustrator for Ateneo Republicano de Valladolid Magazine.

1999-2007   Illustrator and graphist for Diario de Valladolid-El Mundo Newspaper.

1997-1999   Head of the Graphics and Illustrator Departament for El Día de Baleares Newspaper. Palma de Mallorca.

1996-1997   Plastic Arts Scholarship of Diputación de Valladolid.

1995-1996   Illustrator for El Mundo del Siglo XXI and El Magazine, Madrid.

1992-1995   Illustrator and graphist for El Mundo Newspaper, Valladolid.

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